Overview: GK’s Batteries Solar & Auto

GK’S is a locally-owned family-run business in Toowoomba, Queensland. The business was established in 2008. The owners Greg & Kylie have had extensive experience in automotive, commercial, heavy equipment, agricultural & small equipment as well as all the new-age technology items that are so important to our daily lives.

The professional and friendly approach to customers ensures that their needs are met and they can feel confident in returning & recommending family & associates.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a member of a large organization or someone looking for a battery for a car or remote, GK’S can help you find the right product to meet your needs. Their motto is Every Battery for Every Situation and their service is to be highly recommended for going the extra mile for their customers. A lot of their clientele is from word of mouth referrals or repeat business. One business you can trust and rely on with service guaranteed.

For all your small battery needs, use us, the GK’s Batteries company. We are your low price, high-quality supplier.

We use whatever manufacturer is needed to give you a powerful high quality, long-lasting battery at a great price. We make our selection from Century, Besco, Boss, Supercharge, All Rounder, Bosch, Delkor, Trojan, Odyssey, Optima and many others. We are confident of offering you a great battery for your requirements.

Greg & Kylie