Solar Panels

Solar Panels is now one of the leading renewable energy sources. Solar panels can be used for simple everyday battery charging or more technical applications. Call us for more information about this exciting new era in power supply

If you are looking for solar panels, we provide everything from solar panels to regulators & inverters, plus we can install them for you too!

With a solar – powered caravan or motor home you can set up camp just about anywhere.
Solar Panels are an excellent way to keep your batteries charged when you are free camping or you don’t have any other power available. Solar panels are quiet , affordable, durable, low maintenance and usually last for over 20 years.

There are 12/24 volt panels which can be matched to your vehicle’s battery voltage. Panels come in different sizes and shapes to suit a variety of vehicles and installation areas. Solar panels charge your batteries while the vehicle is travelling along the roadside so when you stop your batteries are right to power up your equipment.

For larger vehicles solar panels can be mounted on the roof, a method preferred by veteran campers for convenience and safety. If you have a smaller vehicle and not much roof area we recommend portable solar panel kits. On a nice hot summer’s day these can be placed out to track the sunshine while you rest in the shade. These kits fold away and can be tucked inside your van or car for easy travelling and they come in a handy travel bag for easy carrying.

GK’S Batteries Solar & Auto will answer all your questions about solar and we can install your panels on your motor home or caravan so you can enjoy the great outdoors without flat batteries.