Golf Cart Batteries

GK’S Batteries carries a range of the highest quality Golf Buggy Batteries. Whether it be Trojan, Century, Amp-Tech, or Gel-Tech just to name a few we will have you teeing off again with little down time.

The Batteries range from 6, 8, & 12 Volt flooded deep cycle right through to Gel. Whether the cart is just running short sooner than usual, needs one or a bank of replacement batteries, or even a full installation with a self-watering system, GK’S Batteries can help.

We can also supply chargers and charging systems for 12Volt, 24Volt, 36Volt and 48Volt setups, including units from Ctek, Durst, Matson and DeltaQ.

GK’S Batteries will help you to get optimal performance life from a reliable battery system so you can enjoy your time on the golf course.

GK’S Batteries will also recycle your old batteries free of charge.